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It’s a Family Tradition.

At BTJ, we spend each day trying to help our customers move forward, whether it’s a homeowner trying to elevate the look and feel of their kitchen, or a cabinet company trying to fulfill a large order on an especially tight deadline. Whatever the case, we’re here to provide our customers, both large and small, with consistent excellence. Every day. On every order.

Over the course of our 23+ years of crafting cabinet doors, we’ve discovered that the only way we can help our customers progress, is to keep moving forward ourselves. That’s why we continually invest in cutting-edge equipment and tooling, commit to best-in-industry turnaround times, and are unwavering in our dedication to the quality of our doors.

In 1997, Curtis Grindstaff began BTJ with only 3 accounts. He distinguished himself and BTJ with a unique attention to detail and to his customers. Word spread and business flourished. While BTJ has grown significantly since then, even expanding nationally, we’re still family owned and operated. And we still prescribe to the ideals that made us successful over 20 years ago: pristine craftsmanship and impeccable customer service. That’s the family recipe; it always has been. It’s also how we keep you, our valued customer, moving forward. No matter what. 

From left to right: Brett, Susan, Justin, Tara, and Curtis.

Our Craftsmen at work

What Quality Means to Us

The key to quality doors is perfectly sized components from the beginning. We start the process by machining all stile and rail stock through our molder. Molders are the industry standard for squaring and sizing long length stock. It provides the repeatability we need on stile and rail stock job after job. After this, every part is cut on our state of the art optimizing cross-cut saw.  Starting the process with these tight tolerances ensures we aren’t fighting inconsistent door sizes later on in the process.

Our building table was specially built for independent joint adjustment, ensuring our joints are tight, even on the infamous miter doors. With the ability to clamp up to 20 doors at one time, this machine creates quality doors at a high level of production.

We’ve spent years dialing in our finish sanding process. Every finishing operation is different but our sanding goal is still the same. We sand every door smoothly without “polishing” the door.  Many of our competitors don’t change abrasives as often we do.

Lastly, every door goes through an extensive quality control inspection. We double-check for machining and sanding quality under super bright LED lights while also checking the size of every door. If there’s a problem, we like to catch it before you do. We’re committed to quality and have spent years dialing in our process.